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You will not regret your investment when you choose QRC as your go-to company for commercial refrigeration sales in North Carolina & South Carolina.

If you operate or maintain any type of business that requires storing large amounts of perishable items, you will not regret your investment when you choose QRC as your go-to company for commercial refrigeration sales. Whether you have a small store or a wine cellar, there are commercial refrigeration options available to meet your needs and help your business make money. The right commercial refrigeration can also improve the safety of your products and the productivity of your employees as they run your business in North Carolina & South Carolina.

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Commercial Refrigeration Sales

Commercial Refrigeration Service

Options to meet your commercial refrigeration needs

Top-Mount Refrigeration

A top-mount refrigeration unit may be an ideal choice for your storage area. With coils on the top of the unit, there is less chance that debris or dust will harm the performance of the unit.

Walk-in Commercial

If you need to refrigerate a large amount of product, a walk-in commercial refrigeration unit is going to be the right choice. You can also get units with freezing capability or special features like frost prevention or a viewing window in the door.

Kitchen Refrigeration

If you are looking for a refrigeration unit for a kitchen area, you could consider a bottom-mount unit. The placement of the coils on the bottom is more efficient in hot areas of your building.

Protect your investment with better refrigeration

It would be difficult to overestimate the value that the right commercial refrigeration unit would bring to your business.

At QRC, we can provide the commercial refrigeration sales solutions you need to keep your products fresh, and you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

Protect your investment with better refrigeration.

Contact us to inquire about commercial refrigeration sales!

Commercial Refrigeration
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At QRC, we offer commercial refrigeration sales in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Robert W.
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“I have worked with numerous vendors over the years and oversee numerous locations. QRC (aka Quality Refrigeration Concepts) is one the best I have worked with. Their techs are well trained, knowledgeable and always professional. They arrive on site as scheduled and are very responsive to emergency situations. They are typically the first company we call.”
John J.
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“My heat pump went out and my backup heat (gas) almost empty and the gas company with no idea when they could fill my tank, not to mention the coldest weather of the year. So I called QRC and within a couple of hours, they were here with a smile on his face and immediately got to troubleshooting, found the problem and stayed until it was fixed! (In the dark and crazy cold). If you need some HVAC service Look No Further! Thanks QRC!!!”
Nan H.
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“Wonderful people who actually care and aren’t just about making money. They care to make sure you are happy with every aspect of their work. Happy to go through them for my heating and cooling problems.”